General conditions




Booking through this WEBSITE (the website which you use to access the booking process) implies that You and your partners expressly accept, without limitation, these hiring conditions.

The contractual relationship arising from the reservation, is directly formalized between the TRAVELLER and the ACCOMMODATION. And the ACCOMMODATION is the only responsible for the products and/or touristic services hired.



During the booking process, all the necessary information to execute the contract is required, among it, the check-in and check-out dates and the TRAVELLERS details, as the person executing the reservation. And the TRAVELLER is responsible for introducing these details correctly and verifying the dates and the ACCOMMODATION information.

In order to confirm the reservation, a payment is required. This amount corresponds to the total price of the reservation. In addition, possible Administrative Expensives, Taxes or Fees could be also required. These amounts are broken down during the booking process. 

The booking process itself can offer the TRAVELLER different payment methods to make the final payment. According to the payment method chosen by the TRAVELLER, he will have a deadline (which will be notified) to make the payment,and the WEBSITE must be able to validate it (automatically and immediately in case of an online payment method -card or paypal-, or not instantaneous, if it is not an online payment method -wire transfer-)- If the payment is not validated within the time limit, the reservation will be automatically cancelled and the TRAVELLER will be notified by email. In such a case, any amount already charged (if a payment has been made, but its validation was not possible within the time limit) will be refunded to the TRAVELLER, however the reservation will not be confirmed.       

Once the prepayment has been confirmed, the TRAVELLER will receive an email and the reservation voucher will be displayed on screen. This voucher will contain the ACCOMMODATION's contact details and all the necessary information. The TRAVELLER must print and keep this voucher in order to present it at the ACCOMMODATION reception, as well as any other document required during the booking process or in the emails he may receive.



As son as the TRAVELLER arrives to the ACCOMMODATION, it may be required the documentation that follows:

  1. Reservation Voucher
  2. Passport (or Driver´s License in case of US citizens)
  3. Credit card* used to pay the reservation (in case of Paypal or credit card payment methods).

*It is mandatory to submit with the US Bank (antifraud policy)



The price is per stay and accommodation and includes all applicable taxes. The terms of water, gas and electricity consumption, bedding and towels, kitchen utensils, tableware and household goods necessary to stay in the ACCOMMODATION are set by the ACCOMMODATION and it is totally independent in each case.

Unless specified otherwise in the ACCOMMODATION SPECIFIC TERMS



The extras that haven't been selected during the booking process or additional services not expressly included in the reservation voucher or in the ACCOMMODATION sheet, and they must be hired and paid on arrival.

Any deposit set by the ACCOMMODATION.



The number of occupants in the ACCOMMODATION must not exceed the occupancy limit indicated, except in the case of babies (younger than 3 years old). If the occupancy limit is not specified, it is assumed to be the result of 2 people for each double bed and 1 for each single or extra bed.

The ACCOMMODATION can refuse entry if the number of people exceeds the hired capacity and this will not result in a claim in this respect.

Pets are allowed only if expressly specified in the booking conditions of the ACCOMMODATION or if agreed with the ACCOMMODATION owner. If you do not respect this rule, the ACCOMMODATION will be entitled to eviction without any compensation.

The TRAVELLER engages to keep the ACCOMMODATION clean and tidy and the way he found it on arrival. He also engages to follow the directions for use and maintenance indicated by the OWNER and to respect any applicable regulations set for the condominium, environment or building where he is, such as noise, waste collection or water consumption regulations, etc.

Failure to comply this rules entitles the ACCOMMODATION to require the traveller to leave without compensation and to collect indemnities for damages, which can be deducted from the deposit.



Key collection address and date will be indicated on the reservation voucher.

In case of arrival outside these hours, during a weekend or a public holiday, you shall contact the ACCOMMODATION in order to arrange key collection. It is required to notify approximate arrival time. If the traveller does not notify the arrival time, or the time provided is not respected, the ACCOMMODATION may dispose of the property and cancel the reservation without any compensation to the TRAVELLER.

The reservation voucher contains the ACCOMMODATION contact details.



Each ACCOMMODATION may have its own cancellation policies and be different depending on the season of the year.

As a general rule, payments made through the payment methods provided by the WEBSITE are not refundable, with exceptions. If so, indicated in the booking voucher, the TRAVELER may claim the refund of the amount paid as taxes and fees for the same methods in which the total or partial payment of the reservation was made.



The WEBSITE avoids overbooking by keeping the availability calendar always updated, in those accommodations working with this system. However, in such a case, the OWNER must provide the traveller with another accommodation of equal or higher quality for the same or a lower price at the desired dates. He shall manage it and assume the additional costs arising from this circumstance.

Where this is not possible, or the TRAVELLER doesn't accept the change, the reservation will be cancelled and the total amount paid as an prepayment when booking will be refunded. The OWNER will be responsible for the aforementioned refund.

Any other agreement between the PARTIES shall replace these conditions.